My Journey

It is with great pride that I am able to present to you The Victor B. Cohen foundation, an accomplishment that started with a dream over two decades ago.  As a professional athlete in the National Football League, I had the privilege of donating my time to a variety of causes that were close to my heart.  I mentored underprivileged and under resourced children in Chicago, was a celebrity sports personality for Make a Wish Foundation, comforted and entertained terminally ill children in hospitals, and most importantly, began to develop a keen awareness for the plight of those unable to defend or fight for themselves.  I realized then that I was meant to bring a positive impact to children, particularly in the areas of health and wellness. I knew that by educating and nurturing the unique fitness needs of the children and youth of today, that they would be empowered to live healthy and productive lives as adults.  Breaking the cycle of sedentary, inactive lifestyles was a clear goal.

Fast forward to the present.  I recently lost my younger sister to complications of #obesity.  Unfortunately, my sister led a lifestyle devoid of health and wellness goals that in retrospect, could have been prevented.  Rather than my sister leaving a legacy of sadness, the loss was the catalyst for my laser focus on halting the devastating effects of obesity and diabetes in our youth.  My decades long dream was becoming a reality.

It became very clear to me that my heart for children and youth, my platform as an athlete for being a mentor and positive role model, along with my passion for health, would be the guiding forces behind my biggest and most comprehensive philanthropic and humanitarian effort thus far.  Today, I am the proud and privileged director of a foundation devoted solely to the prevention and treatment of the epidemics of youth #obesity and diabetes.  It would be an honor if you joined me in this impactful endeavor.  Thank you. #TVBCFCares