The VBCF Road to Fitness provides fitness and wellness services.   Health risk assessments, nutrition counseling, personal training and private health coaching are available by appointment and offered in our after school and summer programs.   
Seminars are offered once a month covering a broad range of health and wellness topics.  The weight loss program, gives real world strategies in a supportive group with the right mix of information and camaraderie.
Small group workouts are offered in our after school and summer programs. Healthy recipes are given every month with delicious samples. For more info about the VBCF Road to Fitness
The VBCF Road to Fitness is also available on your favorite social media app! Search for “VBCFon Facebook, Twitter & Linkin to get up-to-date notices, pictures and more.
 8 Week
 Weight-loss program is available 
Join the VBCF interactive 8-week weight loss program. Our no-nonsense approach offers a roadmap for weight loss and all the support you need along the way to make your way to the new you. Each week you will get real-world tips and strategies to lose weight and keep it off. At the first meeting, you’ll set yourself up for success, get the top 10 tips for a healthy diet, learn how to calculate your calorie goals and get the skinny on keeping a food diary. Light lunch provided at the first session. To sign up, see contact button below.